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BMW owners take legal action over engine failures

Thirty people are issuing legal proceedings against BMW after a design fault was discovered with one of its engines. A Dublin solicitor says he expects more will follow, as over 100 BMW owners across Ireland have made enquiries about “catastrophic” engine failures. In one case, the driver stated he lost all power, including his power steering, on a roundabout coming off the M50. Another driver said their car stopped completely …Read More

State could face landslide of legal actions from penalty points blunder

The State could be facing a landslide of legal actions from motorists who have incurred losses due to the penalty points blunder, according to a north Dublin solicitor. It was revealed this week that 14,700 people were wrongly prosecuted without a fixed notice penalty being issued. Gardaí have now pledged to appeal those convictions to the circuit court to remove any penalties that were imposed. “The quashing of penalty points …Read More

Aer Lingus fined €250k over death of Dublin Airport driver

Aer Lingus has been fined €250,000 for breaches of health and safety law in connection with the death of a driver at Dublin Airport over two years ago. John Murray, 55, from Skerries, Co Dublin, fell from a loading bay platform at a cargo warehouse at Dublin Airport and suffered fatal head injuries on 5 November 2014. The court was told a study carried out seven years previously had identified …Read More

The BMW timing chain fault that could cost motorists €6k to fix

BMW has admitted that hundreds of its vehicles may need to be checked for a potentially “catastrophic” design fault. The German car-maker is facing legal threats over its refusal to carry out the repairs for free, estimated at around €6,000 per vehicle. In a statement to the Irish Independent, the company has admitted a design fault with chain tensioners – and potentially timing chains – in its N47 engines installed …Read More

SPECIAL REPORT: We need new laws to help victims of ‘revenge porn’

Posting pornographic images of an individual online without their consent is a growing form of abuse for which there is no criminal sanction in Ireland. Joyce Fegan from the Irish Examiner talks to victims and experts.   APPROXIMATELY 70% of people living in Ireland own a smartphone and a further 80% are active on social media. Put the two together, and at the swipe of a thumb, we can date, communicate, and connect with each …Read More

Revenge porn nightmare: ‘I felt I was completely violated’

Revenge porn nightmare: ‘I felt I was completely violated’ No Irish law can protect a woman whose ex posted private photos of her on a porn site. One night last February, out of the blue, Jane* got a call from one of her oldest male friends inviting her for dinner. She was delighted – a chance to catch up, exchange the latest gossip and find out how all the old …Read More

Widow awarded €60k in action against hospital consultant

Widow awarded €60k in action against hospital consultant A hospital consultant has apologised to the family of a 53-year-old man who died from lung cancer in 2011 after a failure to carry out procedures and tests which would have led to an earlier diagnosis. The High Court action was brought by Rosarii Molloy Curran arising out of the death of her husband John Curran from lung cancer in April 2011. …Read More

Dublin Airport Authority failures cost driver his life

DAA failures cost driver his life A driver who fell off a loading bay at an Aer Lingus warehouse lay there for almost 30 minutes before he was found. John Murray from St Patrick’s Close, Skerries, Co Dublin, fell off a one-metre high loading bay on November 10, 2014. Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) worker Anthony Lynch saw a body lying on the ground as he drove into warehouse area and …Read More

Call for independent review into Wexford missed cancers

Patients affected by the missed cancers controversy in Wexford General Hospital should insist on an independent review of their screening, it has been claimed. Around 600 patients who had undergone a colonoscopy, some as part of the State’s national bowel screening programme, BowelScreen, were recalled after two missed bowel cancer diagnoses at the hospital in 2014. Since then, the patient recall has discovered a further 12 missed cancer diagnoses at …Read More

Wards of Court backlog leads to Fair Deal delays

Wards of Court backlog leads to Fair Deal delays The welfare of people who cannot make decisions for themselves is being put into jeopardy by cutbacks delaying the granting of Ward of Court status, it has been claimed. A Ward of Court application is made on behalf of vulnerable people who have become unable to manage their own affairs. Once someone is made a Ward of Court, the President of …Read More